Read about my personal story and “Beyond Bold and Beautiful”. What I am fighting against, as well as fighting for. Why I do what I do today, what I am reaching for as an artist and human being.

How I become the artist I am today and why art therapy have been my most important therapy. Goals, purpose and why I want to share my work with the world. I became a fighter, and so can you.








Look through my portfolio of selfportraits and read poetry, written for each photograph. 

Do you have a favorite photo? Be sure to look out for the numbers on each photographs in the left corner. Read more about this further down below or simply under “Purchase”


The number on each photograph in my portfolio are the only thing you have to remember when ordering, along with size and print type.

Order your own print

You have the ability to buy your own print of any photograph on my site.

In the pricing table you will find prizes, different sizes to choose from or you can write your own suggenstion. All pictures can be printed as posters, to have in a frame OR on a board to stand against a wall, on its own or simply nail/hang on the wall. I also make my own frames if you would like a handmade frame by me; constructed with plexiglass and bolts in each corner.

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